Sroba and Associates’ mission is the management of business and personal affairs for professional athletes, providing services of value that begin with telling the truth and doing what is right.

Sroba and Associates was founded in 1981 by Joseph P. Sroba, a former University of Virginia (Class of ’77) standout athlete in both baseball and football. While in high school, Sroba was a second team All-State (PA) running back, along with future All-American, Tony Dorsett.

Sroba and Associates’ client list grew to approximately 40 professional athletes in the early 1990’s; however, Sroba noticed that as the industry evolved, agencies merged and client lists grew, the players were no longer getting the executive level of attention most beneficial to them. As a result, Sroba decided to keep his client list at a size where he could devote HIS personal time to each and every client, as needed. Our client list has included many prominent stars in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League. By controlling the total quantity of clients, we assure the quality of our services to each and every client, as promised. We avoid the “recruiters” and “middle men” so prevalent in larger firms.

The growth and success of Sroba and Associates is due to the dedication and commitment of its founder and employees. The firm continues to devote its resources to providing you with the most comprehensive services professional sports management has to offer.

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"Providing services of value begins with telling the truth and doing what's right"